REDCON1 – ISOTOPE Protein 1 KILO vanilla

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  • Redcon isotop protein 1
  • The package comes with a weight of 1 kg, with a vanilla flavor
  • Each serving is 100% whey protein isolate and is derived from 100% premium quality milk from farms that produce some of the healthiest and cleanest dairy products in the world. This means that you will enjoy pure, healthy shakes that are rich in protein!
  • One scoop contains:
  • 25 g protein
  • zero fat
  • 3g Carb
  • zero sugar
  •  100% reliable for bodybuilders or enthusiastic athletes who
  • They need precision and accuracy when calculating your daily calorie needs.
  • 100% lactose free
  • Easy to dissolve and very good taste- Usage:-
  • Eat between meals or after exercise as desired 1 scoop with water or milk as desired and return it well

About the manufacturer:-

REDCON1 is a mission-driven company with one goal: to create the best quality nutritional supplements for those who exercise and want to perform at a high level.
As he created the formulas and products that have redefined the gold standard in sports supplementation, REDCON1 is now available in more than 80 countries.

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