Muscle Pharm BCAA 3:1:2 Energy 276 g /30 servings/ Watermelon

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BCAA 3: 1: 2 Energy will help decrease the time it takes to recover from subsequent workouts and reduce the amount of muscle soreness you feel.

These reduced recovery times make it so you can train harder and more often, leading to faster results.

Each serving has 6g of BCAAs with 3g of Leucine, enough to trigger muscle protein synthesis.

If you are struggling with energy, the 200mg energy blend consisting of caffeine, green tea extract, and Panax Ginseng will provide a mental and physical boost.

Before, during and after workouts are good times to use BCAA 3: 1: 2 Energy.

It can also be used effectively between meals to help with hunger and improve muscle repair.

Every athlete, from beginner to experienced, will benefit from BCAA supplementation.

Those who struggle with energy every day can look to BCAAs 3: 1: 2 for energy for a much-needed lift.

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